Dramatis personae II

PhotographerSebastian Weiss
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySebastian Weiss Photography
City/CountryHamburg, Germany
Photo DateJuly 2017
Technical InfoCanon 5 DSR
Entry Description

"The city is the theatre of life" stated Ash Amin and Stephen Graham in the late 90s. I like this metaphor very much, as dramas, comedies or cliffhangers are performed on an urban stage every day, and we are all part of this public performance. I wondered why not expand this idea of a „public performance“ and consider the city itself as a theatre. So I intended to examine who are the protagonists on such a stage of the city. Thus I was looking for architectural "persons", whose roles are essential and formative for the play and whose absence would make the story different. Against this backdrop, I began to document architectural ensembles of a city according to the most important performers from my point of view. The metaphor "dramatis personae" is derived from this idea - the cast of main architectural protagonists on the stage of a city.

About Photographer

I am a Hamburg based architectural photographer and photo columnist at Architectural Digest Germany. I am passionate about concrete aesthetics, and urban shapes in all their detail have been an inspiration to me ever since. My work is also found in the annual edition “Best of Germany 2013” of Architectural Digest Germany as well as in Dezeen, Washington Post, Aesthetica Magazine, Creative Boom, Architizer, designboom, Fahrenheitº Magazine etc.