Honorable Mention

Where Time Turns Black Series

  • Photographer
    Agnes Ku
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    panorama on mobile phone

The series speak to the issue of time/ memory through ageing. Memory is a multi-layered process of connection, disconnection and reconnection --- (re-)connecting to/ disconnecting from not only one’s personal past but also family history and spatial landscape. The series undertake visual experimentation via the mobile phone, featuring the effects of black-out and distortion in a panoramic format in a most original way. The aesthetic effects go well with the intended symbolic meanings in conveying a sense of (unknown) loss. Something that has made who we are is slipping away. What is real, and what not? The panorama mode is a very versatile yet less frequently used mode that requires delicate skills in rendering a good composition. The operation is strictly straight photography without post-production editing.

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