Faces Behind Atrocity

PhotographerMatilde Simas
Prize2nd Place in Event / Social Cause
CompanyMatilde Simas Photography
City/CountryNorth Andover, United States
Photo DateJune 2017
Entry Description

Faces Behind Atrocity Human trafficking is globally pervasive, economically motivated, and emotionally overwhelming. The exhibit “ Faces Behind Atrocities” are portraits of 5 young women, ages 13-16, from 4 different nationalities who have been rescued from the horrors of the trafficking world and are in the healing process. In collaboration with the survivors, Matilde Simas worked to provide a forum for healing through art. In this portrait series low lighting was used to evoke a mood of deception and secrecy that has been endured. In a pure example of courage, many of these woman chose to hide their faces behind a mask to protect their identity. In addition to providing a visual representation of their resilience, beauty, and strength, each woman recorded a written testimony of how they were lead into trafficking and the atrocities they faced.

About Photographer

Matilde Simas is a freelance visual storyteller; whose photography straddles the line between fine art and documentary work. Simas is passionate about how photography can be used for social change, how it is essential to storytelling, and enables social change groups and organizations to demonstrate the impact of their projects.