PhotographerJosé Roberto Bassul
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrasi­lia, Brazil
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

The images of this series - two ordinary residential buildings in a “superquadra” (superblock) in Brasilia - were taken from a single point of observation, in rotating movements with the camera. The result is an almost abstract polyptych, formed by the same light and the same shadow, producing distinct but similar images. Metaphorically, "Similes" refers to diversity. Geography, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and so many other aspects of the human condition can make us peculiar, but they do not exclude our similarity.

About Photographer

Architect and photographer, Jos? Roberto Bassul was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives in Brasilia. His works turns to architecture, urban landscape, and social aspects of contemporary life. His photographs are part of public and private collections and were exhibited or displayed in Brasilia, Rio, Tiradentes, Paraty, London, Havana, Miami, Siena, Paris and Tokio and published in specialized magazines such as BW Magazine (USA), Minimalissimo (England), BEX Magazine (Argentina) and Photo (France).