That Night in Nanjing Road with the Rain

PhotographerJung Hanjo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKONG Media
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoNikon
Entry Description

Shanghai, the busiest city in China: Nanjing Road, the most crowded section among them. The night view which is painted with very bright colors is famous all around the world. This place is always crowded with tens of millions of people from all over the world as well as from all over China. In particular, the night view in Nanjing Road on rainy days is beautiful like a beautiful watercolor painting. Rain makes the colorful lights coming from the buildings melted down to the ground, and people float in it slowly. Mood in Nanjing Road, we cannot find anywhere else, is spreading quietly in the rain-soaked street.

About Photographer

I am a Korean photographer and photo critic. I majored in fine art and photography in Hongik University, Korea and got a doctor?s degree in Art Plastic. I am the first doctor in photography in Korea and now teaching students in universities while working as photographer and photo critic. Furthermore, I have published many books and photo albums, for example 'Photo ? Theory and Practice', 'A Guide to Photo Viewing', and 'Seoul by Night'.