Phnom Penh French Colonial Police Station

Photographerjames hughes
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJames Hughes
City/Countryballymena, United Kingdom
Photo DateJan 2017
Technical InfoLeica Q , 28mm F16
Entry Description

Phnom Penh French Colonial Police Station staircase in the now abandoned building. It was a challenge to climb the broken staircases and avoid the Bats and Monkeys who are now the new residents in this once historic place.

About Photographer

Artist statement I photography seriously, mixing the best of the old with the best of the new in technique and materials. Using traditional photographic genres such as documentary and fine art traditions to evolve a singular personal vision. I continue to photograph simply because I have to. In a constant process of evolution my photography is always trying to rise above the standards of now while achieving timelessness. I have used photography aligned within an artistic sensibility to interrogate sense of place. Building a narrative that combines fragments by using artifacts and localised material culture to explore the layers of history that inform the present, and the signs of the past that linger in our contemporary environment. Towards this end I employ a number of visual strategies, including photojournalism and interventions that explore alternate perspectives and consider aspects of reality, to create a thread, a visual narrative that can help to illustrate a resurrection of unexplored place. Short Biography James Hughes Born in Ballymena, Co Antrim 1957. My first photographic experience was of a childhood spent using a box brownie camera made by my mother who had worked for Kodak. I first took photography seriously in the 1980s, being self-taught through the influence of late 20th century photography and literature, influences that I continue to link through my practice to date. Educated in a variety of schools through emigration to Australia in the 1960s, finishing with an engineering apprenticeship in the 1970s. More recently completing a MPhil through the University of Ulster.