PhotographerChristopher Walters
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyWalters Media
City/CountrySydney, Australia
Photo Date2012-2017
Technical InfoImages shot on canon 5d3
Entry Description

In this series, Halcyon, I aim to take the empty landscape to new limits, pushing the boundaries of the idea of emptiness in both place as well as the photographic medium. Pushing photography to its limits I experiment with the border between nothingness and minute detail. At first encounter the soft Minimalist compositions appear to be boundless but on closer inspection these horizontal vistas are underpinned by a strict geometry. They fly in the face of the Australian obsession with figures in the landscape. Although there is nothing that could be identified as figurative, the images themselves pulsate with human presence. Empty of all things human yet their glowing, tingling surfaces are unified by the horizontal. These images also reflect my own obsession with the works of Mark Rothko and Nadav Kander and the music of Bon Iver. This series is the culmination of five years work and research.

About Photographer

Christopher Walters is a commercial photographer with origins in Fine Art Photo Media (BVA Sydney University). Chris' commercial work in Architectural representation and Fine Art Photography has led his professional and artistic career. In the past decade, Christopher's focus has been concentrated on his commercial work and developing his artistic direction with a move toward film direction.