Crocodile underwater

PhotographerAjit S N
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBangalore, India
Photo Date22.06.2017
Entry Description

American crocodiles photographed at Banco chinchorro, Mexico

About Photographer

Ajit started his photographic career in the year 2007 after he decided to peruse his passion into his profession. A graduate from light and life academy,Ooty, he has been passionate about shooting cars and bikes and has shot for numerous advertising campaigns. Apart from automobile photography , Ajit has a strong passion for underwater photography .He fell in love with the ocean since he first dived in Maldives when he wanted to discover scuba diving . Since then he has been a keen diver and has been a Tech 40 certified diver by PADI. He has been fascinated with sharks & ship wrecks as almost every wreck has some amazing history or some unsolved mystery attached to it . His work as a photographer has taken him to the most remote and exciting dive destinations across the world. Ajit loves to share his passion for the ocean and his personal challenge is to visually communicate the incredible beauty beneath the world’s ocean and inspire a greater determination towards the preservation and respect for the marine ecosystem that has to be protected.