PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrussels, Belgium
Photo DateAugust 2017
Technical InfoSony RX 100 II
Entry Description

Mourning is a very private state of mind, but sometimes it becomes a social phenomenon. The streets of Bangkok have seen a continuous outpouring of grief for one full year, since their beloved monarch passed away. The whole country has become a black river flowing every day towards the palace to pay its deep respects. Women and men of all social classes, coming from all corners of the country, have converged to the city on the Chao Phraya river to personally bid farewell and remember the times lived under his revered father figure. The whole centre of old Bangkok has become a place of mourning, full of people dressed in black from head to toe, deeply sad and thoughtful, personally involved in this social drama as in a family matter. Genuine devotion in this scale can probably not be found anywhere else in the world. No elected leader in any democracy, not to mention European monarchs, could raise such sincere emotion or generate this widespread feeling of deep personal loss. The rest of the world watches respectfully. The land of smiles is sad.

About Photographer

My life journey, from Buenos Aires, where I grew up, to Europe, where I became a photographer, and now spending more and more time in Asia, have clearly influenced the way I look at the world and the condition of people around me. I have always lived in big cities with a sizable floating population, people in the move searching for a new life, which naturally led me to empathize with their hopes and also the struggles they have to face. I am interested in the trajectory that explains the human condition, the internal conflict, and the dynamic, and sometimes sad, story behind who and where we are now.