Silent Song for my Grandmother

PhotographerClaudia Hans
Prize1st Place in Book / Other_B
CompanyClaudia Hans
City/CountryMexico, Mexico
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoPhotobook 15 x 20.5cm
Entry Description

"Silent Songs for my grandmother" is an intervention work I made to narrate simultaneously a part of my grandmother's life, what happened during the holocaust and the current problems and realities of thousands of people. 42408 was the number that was given to my grandmother when she arrived to Mexico during World War II, 42408 was the number that gave her a refuge, a new home, her freedom. Under the same number another human being was deprived from his rights, his freedom and his life during the holocaust. Over the years I have wondered how could so many lives have been taken from innocent people. The reality is that many of the things that happened at that time continue to happen nowadays; Intolerance, racism, inequality, violence, extreme measures, discrimination and pointing against minorities. We are part of a world that does not respect others and that continues to take away the rights of people who are at a disadvantage.

About Photographer

Claudia Hans was born in Mexico City in 1976, She studied psychology at Anahuac University in Mexico City and has a master's degree in clinical psychology and education from Columbia University, New York. She studied photography at Laboratorio Mexicano de Imagenes, Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura and she was accepted at the seminar of contemporary photography at Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City. Her work has been included in national and international exhibitions and has received various awards and recognitions throughout her career. In 2010 Hans was awarded with a honorable mention and the peoples choice award at the 14th biennial of photography in Mexico City and in 2012 she was beneficiary of the grant "Young creators" of the National Fund for the culture and the arts. Her work has been published in several magazines, catalogs and newspapers.