PhotographerWEIHAO PAN
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGuangzhou, China
Photo Date02-15-2014
Technical InfoCanon 5D MARKII,200mm, f8,1/50
Entry Description

This is an interesting abstract image I made last year winter trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park. I found Painted dunes was covered by snow which forms a scene like a puzzle. The color of Painted dunes was formed by the oxidation of volcanic ashes. Nature does its own way to create this pure magic, which I felt fortunately to capture it.

About Photographer

I love outdoor and wilderness since I was a little kid. I picked up my first DSLR in 2010. At first, I just wanted to use the camera to record different things in my life. Two years later, I started taking landscape photograph and realize it combines my passion for wilderness and photography. It’s so charming that I couldn’t get away from it. Photography is an art of catching the light and expressing the personal view for me, and it also contains emotion. Images are so powerful that can transport emotion to everyone who seen them. Through these photographs, I try to express my feelings for the locations I visit and the beauty of nature. I attempt to bring the experiences of my journey to the viewer. It is totally subjective and is my form of escape from the busy society. It’s a way that I can communicate with nature.