PhotographerLuke Smith
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLuke Smith Photography
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Over 21 million people of the world’s population are currently refugees. These people have had to flee their own countries because their government cannot or will not protect them from war of persecution, and are forced to leave their homes to seek international protection. The UK’s refusal to share responsibility for hosting more refugees is setting a terrible example that other countries are increasingly following. The result of this is more people fleeing violence and persecution are forced into the hands of smugglers, taking increasingly dangerous journeys to places of safety which for many never materialize, and are left at the hands of persecution and brutality where men are tortured and woman and children abused.

About Photographer

My work is developed from research, and is constructed by means of created images with a suggestive narrative in response to a variety of issues shaped by our social, domestic, cultural and political environment.