The Gateway to Hell

PhotographerJan Šmíd
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPrague, Czech Republic
Photo Date7. 5. 2016
Entry Description

„The Gateway to Hell“ is currently one of my most difficult night projects. The first idea of choosing this composition I ever got two years ago. Then I was waiting for suitable weather conditions for almost half a year, and for more than a year the panorama „stuck“ on the hard disk before I started it. In the picture we can see especially the Milky Way in the constellation Eagle and Labute. One at the dominant of Eagle is the Altair star. It is also the twelfth brightest star of the whole sky. We can find it on the picture to the right of the chapel beneath the Milky Way. In the constellation of the Swan, there are gorgeous emission nebulae, notably the notorious North America (NGC 7000) and the Pelican Nebula (IC 5070), which forms a large interstellar cloud together with North America.

About Photographer

Czech landscape photographer, sunrise/sunset, nightscape & stars panoramic photography. QEP certificate and one of the most awarded Czech photographer.