PhotographerFlorian Krause
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWiesbaden, Germany
Photo DateDecember 2016
Technical Infoshutter 30sec, f4, Canon6D
Entry Description

In my latest series High-Light i illuminated floating Icebergs from above in the dark. By putting lights on a drone and fly over the ice during longexposure, it gives the look and feel of a huge studio softbox. The ice shines in a new sight.

About Photographer

Florian Krause is addicted to longexposure photography since 2000, when studying "communication design". Today his profession is TV-cameraman but photography is still his passionate hobby. Since 2016 Florian Krause experiments with dronelighting. During longexposure he flies the lights on a drone above icebergs, trees, castles. The camera freezes each lightray, so on the picture it looks like there`s a huge softbox-light above the object. He`s a pioneer with this new technique.