Tuscany, fast as the wind.

PhotographerCiro Cortellessa
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryla spezia, Italy
Photo Date20/08/2017
Technical InfoCanon 5D MARKIII 24 mm f. 2.8
Entry Description

In Tuscany takes place in one of the most characteristic races in the world. According to tradition, the origins of this event date back to the early 1500. The donkeys are the protagonists. They are cared for by the jockeys with great love, they speak as if they were people throughout the year before the race. They are chosen the strongest and fastest donkeys in Tuscany. Before the race are blessed to protect them from accidents. The race is held in August in a large square where thousands of people come to experience this great and particular emotion. The most exciting moment is the donkey race mounted bareback. Donkeys run fast and after three laps the jockey and the donkey are rewarded and celebrated all night.