Survivors of war

PhotographerAHMED DEEB
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFreelance Photogrpaher
City/CountryIstanbul, Turkey
Photo Date03 August, 2017
Technical InfoCanon 5D III
Entry Description

A fighter holds a Syrian child who was injured by a mine exploded when a group of civilians were escaping the Islamic State controlled areas of Raqqa city in northern Syria to the newly liberated areas by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near al-Mashlab neighborhood in the west of Raqqa city on August 3, 2017. Many civilians were killed and injured by IEDs while trying to escape the remaining Islamic state's areas in Raqqa city, the Islamic State are using the IED as a strategy to slow down the Raqqa offensive and to push back he US-backed local forces.

About Photographer

Ahmed Deeb, Palestinian photo and video journalist based in Istanbul,Turkey. I have a bachelor degree in TV and Radio. I have been working as a photojournalist for the past 9 years in the Middle East including Syria, Palestine and Egypt, besides covering the refugee crisis in Europe and the Turkish affairs. My work has been featured in many international media, including: The Wall Street Journal, Washi