PhotographerChristelle Boulé
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLausanne, Switzerland
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoPerfume drops on photo paper
Entry Description

The act of smelling perfume is an evocative and evanescent experience. The “Drops” series was born from my desire to visually express this intimate experience. Through my research, I discovered how perfume reacts on photographic paper. This discovery led me to develop a process for capturing the image of a fragrance. In the photo lab, I place a few drops of perfume on colour photographic paper. Once the liquid has dried, I expose the paper to light and then plunge it into the developer solution. The image of fragrance revealed. Each photograph - poetic and abstract - reveals the print of a fragrance. A print that is unique; each one depends on the scent’s chemical composition. “Drops” is a collection of 100 original photographic images which hold a faint odour of perfume essences. In this way, these images create a new link between the visual and the olfactory.

About Photographer

Christelle Boulé is a Swiss-Canadian photographer and artist. She graduated with a Master of Art Direction (photography) from the prestigious art school ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne. Her work as been exhibited in Canada, France, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland. Her practice is mainly focused on experimental photography with an strong interest in the visual representation of the olfactory. Christelle lives and works in Lausanne where she is dividing her practice between commissioned work and personal projects.