Flowers in motion

PhotographerFrantisek Rerucha
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoravsky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

I tried to capture the beauty of flowers and plants in a nontraditional manner. I wanted to get the impression of motion by overlapping high quality photos of dry plants.

About Photographer

Frantisek Rerucha is an amateur photographer specializing in close-up and macro photography of flowers and plants. He creates abstract forms via dry flowers, stems, leaves of trees. He was finalist of, in portfolios category in 2015, 2nd place ND Awards and in 2016 in Fine Art-Abstract Category, 1st place TIFA 2016 in category Nature-Flowers (Non-Professional), 1st Prize Winner in 3rd edition of FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards (Abstract Category) London, 16th April 2017- Honorable Mention awards in Fusion Art's-2nd Annual Leaves & Petals 2017, in the Digital & Photography category, Honorable Mention IPOTY- International Photographer of the Year 2017, Fine Art: Abstract Category, Silver in the MIFA Photo Awards 2017 category: Fine Art-Still Life, etc.