Gods and Monuments

PhotographerNicholas Maxfield
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDenver, United States
Photo DateSeptember 11, 2016
Technical InfoPentax 645z 45mm 1/500 f8
Entry Description

Valley of the Gods (foreground) and Monument Valley (Background) in morning light as cloud formations simmer, spit and dissipate. The interplay between weather and land in canyon country can almost seem as if the two are engaged in emotional dialect, each responding to the other. The land in particular is moody and reactive, replying with changes in shade, hue and color to the ever shifting clouds and the shadow and precipitation they bring. The sensations are not visual alone, but audible and olfactory as well. The sound of wind moving over rock can be frightening and disorienting, and the smell of rain in the desert is damp and musty, similar to that of a deep, freshly dug hole in the earth.