Attention Lostr: Looking for Anoher Future

PhotographerEduardo Lopez Moreno
Prize1st Place in Event / Social Cause
City/CountryNairobi, Kenya
Photo DateJune 2017
Technical InfoLeica camera M
Entry Description

Dadaab the Refugee Camp, the city. With nearly 250 thousand people, most of them Somalis, Daadab at the border between Kenya and Somalia is a ‘city’ of the size of Nice in France, or Bari in Italy. More than any other city, it requires attention, basic services, good systems of management and security to ensure it runs well. In the Primary School called Horyal (‘Leading’ or ‘Showing the Path’) these Somali girls learn Swahili, the national language in Kenya. This young girl losses attention or concentrates in a more bright future?