Identically Different

PhotographerJudith Helmer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBreda, Netherlands
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical InfoHasselblad, 120 film
Entry Description

The phenomenon of identical people who originate and have grown from a single cell is fascinating. Yentl and Laurens are 'mono-mono' twins. Not only sharing the womb but also one amniotic sac and a single placenta. Two people cannot be more identical than that. While others always treated them as 'one'; they knew from a young age all too well how different they were. Their nearest and dearest were shocked when one of them made the profound decision to follow their long-felt, true identity… Laura became Laurens. This choice led to both Laurens and Yentl having to discover who they really are, as an individual and as a twin. My project followed them during this period of self-discovery. And it is my ambition to continue following them in their lives. Photo’s © Judith Helmer | The youth picture that is also part of the series, is sole proporty of the family of Yentl and Laurens, and may only be published under explicit citation of this ownership and only in conjunction with this exposition.