Nocturnal Imprints

PhotographerAndrew Shea
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPoughkeepsie, United States
Photo DateFall 2016
Technical InfoTimed Long Exposure - Urban
Entry Description

The use of Long Exposure allows for the creation of scenes, which are not normally perceived by the naked eye. It allows for the creation of a memory of objects, frozen partway through the exposure creating a sense of timelessness. The nocturnal allows for the enhancement of this memory, in which objects fade into the darkness of the frame. When shooting urban scenes at night I tend to seek the shots which take a high degree of difficulty finding the moment, whether it be through the subject matter, the timing of the photograph or the juxtapositions of multiple elements throughout the frame while allowing these elements to appear in a single exposure. In this series, the idea of the remnant is present throughout; whether they be the ghosted image of a vehicle moving by, or the faint exposure of a figure in the scene.

About Photographer

Architectural Designer at designLAB Architects