Farthest Exploration

PhotographerAnna Paola Pizzocaro
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNYC, United States
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoPhoto Etching
Entry Description

The use of animals in visuals to express social concern for environmental issues has been largely proposed since the 70s, like Robert Rauschenberg who created the first poster for Earth Day in 1970.In my body of work several animals are wondering in architectural landscapes in New York and suburbs with no trace of humans. This work is a reflection about global warming, climate change and migration. A deer is drinking in the Coney Island sidewalk, a polar bear would discover a legendary lost dinosaur model buried under Central Park.A whale is jumping close to the New York Harbor as following an actual known migration path. Due to climate change, a tiger is wandering in the snow next to the Parachute Jump Tower, before resting on a rock in Central Park. Possibilities and memories are nostalgically alternating in a process called “photo etching”,suggesting images of an apocalyptic possible future by digital manipulation.

About Photographer

Born in Italy, she studied art at the Fine Art Academy of Art of Milan, and than in Paris (France) at E.N.S.A.D, she also graduated with honors with an MFA in Visual Arts at Sorbonne University (Paris I), France in 2003. Anna Paola Pizzocaro worked in France in cinema and television before embracing the photography business. In New York she graduated from GS Program at ICP in NYC in 2009, and she is working professionally in photography ever since. Anna Paola Pizzocaro has already participated in many international exhibitions with great success, just to mention a few Museums venue : the Chianciano Museum of Art (Florence,Tuscany) for a group show, and the Lu.C.C.A. Museum of Contemporary Art (Lucca, Tuscany). She had a solo show at the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. in 2014, and a solo show at Villa Firenze, the Italian Ambassador House to the US, in Washington DC, in June 2016. Her work is already present in important Museum Permanent Collections such as the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. Her last book "Walking distances in wonder" published by Allemandi&Co in 2014 is available for public consultation at the New York Public Library, in NYC on 5th Avenue (photobook, 97 pages, text in English and Italian). She has been awarded several times, counting when in June 2017 she received the Bartholomew Meeker Award at SCNY, in NYC, USA.