Dreams of the Earth

PhotographerTien-Chien Chen
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJourney with Light Photography
City/CountryHsinChu, Taiwan
Entry Description

The Bells reflecting moonlight under a starry night

About Photographer

I am constantly searching for the next landscape. A landscape in the mist, with a slight scent of vanilla permeating the warm, sea-moistened air; the first light of summer burning off the snow on top of the craggy peaks, while down below the alpine lake reflection screaming to become the reality; an ocean as violent as the breaking-loose hell during a winter storm, followed by the midnight snow peacefully falling and disappearing into the darkest wave… Some of these I have seen, some only in dream, and some even beyond my wildest imagination. To realize the dream, I travelled. After travelling for years, it grows on me that the meaning of my journey is to revisit a place – to see what has been changed there, and to learn what has been changed inside me. I see things differently through different lights, colors, moods, and ages. Making images in different states of mind enables me to explore myself in various ways. And the more I explore myself, the more I am inspired by the outside world. I hope my work encourages people to explore their outer as well as inner landscapes.