Geometrie #1

PhotographerPaolo Pettigiani
Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Other_ARC
City/CountryButtigliera Alta, Italy
Photo DateMay 2015
Entry Description

A context where the shapes become a way to explore the space, releasing from their real image, to make it more emotional. Minimal geometry, shadows and colors are the essence of the project and they merge in a single photo trying to decontextualize the buildings from the space around. In this way the photos represent a "no place" escaped from the usual context. Moreover the sky is the most important element, the only one who bring together all my photos. Unlike the buildings, the sky has a continuous mutation and it is the ingredient who determines the best moment for the shot: the colors of the architectures, the shadows, the lights and the visual contrast have an essential role in my project.

About Photographer

Paolo Pettigiani, is a 26 Italian photographer and graphic designer based in Turin. He is known worldwide for minimal architecture and infrared digital photography. The key element in his images is the pursuit of aesthetics beauty in daily life situations. Colors are his way to explore the world. He decontextualizes buildings and landscapes from the space around and his images represent a “no place” escaped from the usual context.