Fading face of innocence

PhotographerTimothy Luza
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date31-07-2017
Technical InfoFujifilm XT-10 + XF 56mm f1.2
Entry Description

To begin with, the file names give the correct order with titles. In this series I pictured myself in a way that make it look like I have something to hide or someone hiding within me. Generally speaking it shows a person that gets lost inside, loses control over his mind and changes character along the way with no way back eventually. The individual pictures give some kind of direction, but leaves room for personal interpretation. Most interesting though is that people that know me well didn't even recognize me in the pictures. The first and fifth picture reflect each other in composition. The second and fourth picture both show a strong vertical line. The third/middle picture, the fading face, is the only one without any props. Light/darkness is spread evenly over all pictures. So did I really capture another me? I guess we should ask him, but he's not here now...