Wizard's chore

PhotographerMarcello Maiorana
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarcello Mixed Media
City/CountryAvezzano, Italy
Photo DateAugust 2017
Technical InfoDigital compositing
Entry Description

Have you even desired having magical powers? I do; and the first thing that comes into my mind is weekly chores, how neat would it be relaxing and working at the same time? But in reality this is all a dream and that's why I do photo compositing, to make my dreams a bit more real.

About Photographer

An hyper imaginative mixed-media artist, passionate in creating images and stories. The three windows. I like to think of my mind as a old-fashion factory, with red brick walls and steaming pipes. This factory is quite peculiar, it only has three windows. These windows link the contents of my mind with the outside world. One to take pictures, one to tell stories and one to illustrate. Creating ideas requires energy and many raw materials. I draw my inspiration from moments in everyday life; movies, books and games are big resources too. As for the main energy source I love chocolate and co