PhotographerHeiko Tiemann
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDuesseldorf, Germany
Photo Date2014-2016
Technical Infolarge format analog
Entry Description

These images are part of my long ongoing cycle „Infliction“ (2014-2016) where I worked with children and young teenagers in schools and groups for children with learning difficulties and trauma. They are from various backgrounds like dysfunctional families, orphanages, refugee camps and foster homes. What I have found are human beings with a strong personality and will, but with sometimes unsurmountable odds in front of them. So they are still searching for their path and role in society. I wanted to create a kind of testimony of this fragile state in those particular vulnerable years of youth and adolescence. My motivations are manifold, but foremost I wanted to create images of dignity and stillness in order to put the protagonists from darkness and neglection into the light. Ideally the viewer is thrown back to her/his own existence and so far these portraits function also as a medium to questioning ones own position in life.