My mum (part 2)

PhotographerViet Van Tran
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLabor Newspaper
City/CountryHanoi Capital, Viet Nam
Photo Date2016-2017
Entry Description

I want to record some moments forever about my mum, not only in my mind and heart, but also in a tangible shape. My mum, 83 years old, is a carrying wife, a dedicated mother, and a woman with strong will and mind. Since my father passed away, my mum got pain with the osteoporosis and spine osteoarthritis (symptoms). She could not move so all personal activities such as eating, hygiene were carried out in bed. We had tried all possibilities to cure her such as: injections, acupuncture, applying herbal medicine to her back... Over time she was getting better, and now she is able to walk and handle things by herself. The time I have started photographing my mum is the time I m connected tightly to her, to understand her more deeper ... My project “My mum” is in on-going progress.

About Photographer

Cultural Bachelor degree in 1996. Trained by famous photographer as James Natchwey, Gary Knight, Tim Page, Steve Northup, Gaby Sommer?in workshop of IMMF (Indochinal Memory Media Found). Currenly work as special reporter for Lao ??ng newspaper (one of the biggest newspapers in Viet Nam), writing and photograph about culture activities.