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Golden light

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    Print on Fresco Giclee Type R®

Golden light is a series of flower images by photographer Keiichiro Muramatsu. The flower arrangements are by the photographer himself.   This style of flower arrangement is called “Nageire”.  It features prominently in this collection, and emphasizes the natural state of wildflowers, ‘’thrown’’ into the tranquility of vase water. This series is inspired by Junichiro Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows. The splendor of gold is accompanied by a deep shadowy aspect. The beauty of gold not only magnifies the natural beauty of flowers, it also reflects a feeling of the impermanence of things and the transience of time. The flowers, water filled to the mouth of the vase, and the vase itself, are all enveloped in a golden light, representing ‘the vastness of infinity’ and bringing out the natural warmth of the tableau.

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