A Good Catch

PhotographerSam Nerrie
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySam Nerrie Photography
City/CountryMerimbula, Australia
Photo Date21/11/16
Entry Description

This photo of a Harpobittacus tillyardi was taken at Mulligans Flat Woodlands Sanctuary near Canberra, ACT. This Hanging-fly has just grabbed its prey with its prehensile foot. Hanging-flies can’t walk with these opposing prehensile subsegments on their hind legs. They suck out the insides of their prey after injecting it with saliva leaving the exoskeleton after they have finished.

About Photographer

The deep passion I have for the Australian bush has been my inspiration for my landscape photography. I felt the need to document some of those exquisite and unique moments that you come across whilst wandering around rocky shores or through rugged bush landscapes. I have settled in the southern part of New South Wales and have been taking photographs for around three years. I have come to photography late in life but I feel I have a depth of experience in understanding the light and shape of the Australian landscape. It is a challenging place to take photos as the light can be harsh however the geographical scope is enormous. I have been been awarded a few bronze and a silver in international competitions (2011) as well as making it as a finalist int he Veolia Environment Photographer of the Year (2010) so I am keen to explore new territories in landscape photography.