Crack and Roll

PhotographerChristopher L Johnston
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyChris Johnston Photography
City/CountryOmaruru, Namibia
Photo DateFeb 13 2017
Technical InfoPentax 645
Entry Description

For 15 years I have shot lightning, there are some storms cells that come at Omaruru from the Otjiwarongo side. I had an image in my head, storm just dark, coming at Omaruru down the highway, truck lights blurred heading towards the storm. Over the years I saw bits and pieces, but it never came all together. I was clear on the other side of town up against the mountain shooting the sunset on the river and heard the crack and roll of thunder coming from the Otjiwarongo side. I got up high enough to look east and saw the storm was headed straight for Omaruru down the highway as night was falling. I raced back into town to a spot I have used for years. In a howling storm I struggled to get my gear set up and get myself centered and calm. I took just 8 frames.

About Photographer

62 year old self taught ex-pat American living at the edge of the Namib Desert in central Namibia.