Wedding in Palestine

PhotographerAndrea Falletta
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date31/08/2016
Technical InfoNikon D700
Entry Description

Wedding in Palestine come from the intention to show the roots of this ancient culture and how the wedding in Middle East are evolving. The wedding between Mohammed and Rose has been celebrated in a very classic way where the families of each side gather together to celebrate the new union, this process comes with deep respect of traditions and religious rigour. This series wants to portray to the eyes and heart of the viewer a clear understanding of the strong tradition, the central value of family, a mixture of a strong sense of millennial culture, together with, and new and modern lifestyle in the land of Palestine.

About Photographer

Born in Sicily, grow up in Rome, where I studied photography and started to do my first experience in photography filed. Now I am currently based in London where I do storytelling and try to discover something that "pinch" me, but I ofter come back in Italy to follow stories that have to been told.