Love and Pride

PhotographerSudhir Ramchandran
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySudhir Ramchandran photography
City/CountryBangalore, India
Photo Date15.07.2017
Entry Description

Pets and their owners always share a special bond. The beagle here sits with an amazing grace sharing loves white space with the owner.

About Photographer

I was a zoology lecturer in Africa. Car rallies and wildlife interested me and I shot them. While one taught me timing the other taught me patience. Only when I moved to India, did I take up photography professionally. The journey was amazing and revealing as I delved into industrial and advertising photography, travelling across and working with some of the best creative directors. It had become a passion by now. It took me to workshops worldwide and to manufacturing labs of Sinars and Hasselblads. The cameras were no longer equipments , they were an extension of me, giving me the joy and power of creating. My magic wands. I wanted to share the expression of this passion and planned a series of national and international workshops. It brought together iconic international photographers known for their path-breaking art and resultant business success. The enthusiasm and the response was overwhelming. There is a time when you know all the rules of image-making and know there is nothing you cannot shoot. This is the Little Understanding according to Tao. And there is the time when you dwell into the unknown and observe your thoughts, emotions and feelings as it enters your picture. This is the Great Understanding. The greatest joy comes when there is a balance of both. For then you enter the realm of unconstricted awareness. One can move at will from Tao’s visualization to Zen’s No Mind. It all depends on what works best for you. The art of photography teaches me the art of living. One has to understand the principles of life and then follow one's meditational space to optimize it. As the japamala or the mantra for the seeker, the camera serves as the mnemonic to enter the state of heightened awareness. Often I have stopped, moved away from the conscious camerawork space and leaped into the boundless. And I have become receptive! Unless we move away from the subservient, logical mind of shutter speeds and apertures we cannot be receptive to many levels of reality at once! Flitting at will from NO MIND to extreme VISUALISATION, from Zen to Tao or Tao to Zen is left to the moment . I Believe this is Where I Am and Where I Want to Be!