PhotographerHuang, Shi-jiun
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo Date2016.Aug.13
Technical InfoCanon 5D mark 3
Entry Description

“Miners” is intended to document the conflict relation between natural environment and people serving at the frontline of the industrial development. Illegal mining has been in a dilemma situation across this nation. The developing process has caused severe environmental damages such as landslide, flood, temperature rise, etc. Meanwhile, president Jokowi has claimed his determination of leading Indonesia to a more sustainable and environmental-friendly industrial ecosystem by promoting clean energy, and issuing licenses for mining and other developing activities. In addition, authorities are requested to be tougher on law enforcement, which brings this risky job to be even more difficult. Rock miners have long existed in the mountain area of Bogor, west Jawa, and, unfortunately, they have been asked to execute without basic safe preparation which exposes them under the threaten of unpredictable condition or worse. In the end, the livelihood of their family would be hard, and children couldn't have good education.

About Photographer

Shi-jiun is a self-taught photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Born in 1990. After majoring in economics in National Taiwan University, he has been influenced by the beauty of social science and which triggered him to focus on social issues and use photograph to express the idea. Now he is serving as photographer in Legislative Yuan, Taiwan(R.O.C.), and One-Forty, an NGO focusing on migrant workers in Taiwan.