The Roman Bath in Ankara

PhotographerBeyza Tokgöz
Prize2nd Place in Architecture / Historic
City/CountryAnkara, Turkey
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoNikon d90
Entry Description

The Roman Bath was built in III. Century by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, the son of Caracalla (212-217) on behalf of Health God Asclepius. After it was built, The Bath had been in use for nearly 500 years and had had restorations from time to time. The historical site where the bath is located was a tumulus and carried the remains of Roman times (partially Byzantine and Seljuk layers) on the top, and of Phrygian times at the bottom. So, with the works between years 1997-2001 The Roman Bath in Ankara has became an Open-Air Museum. The Bath was under restoration in 2017. And this photography project is done to document The Roman Bath after its latest restoration.

About Photographer

Beyza Tokgöz is a Lecturer, a PhD Candidate and a Photographer in Ankara, Turkey. As a Lecturer, she has been teaching “Introduction to Photography”, and "Architectural Photography". As a PhD Candidate, she is writing her doctorate thesis about photojournalism. As a Photographer, her main interest is architectural, minimal and geometrical photography. Also in the past she has worked with a professional wedding and birth photographer for 3 years (2012-2015). Now she is a freelance. So far, she took part in 24 group exhibitions in Turkey.