Missing Milestones-Mothering Miles Away

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAbu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
Photo DateJuly to Ongoing 2017
Technical InfoNikon 810
Entry Description

In this proposal, i have explored hardship of mother’s, who are living and working alone in UAE, separated from their children, sometimes for years, by thousand of miles away . These mother are viewed as strong and determined to bear any burden and raise their children away from the miles. I have shown daily life of bread-winning mothers, how they are mothering their children from a distance , and missing milestones in their children lives through photography.  These mothers are from different nationalities, who nurture the children emotionally and economically from afar away and sometimes father who is physically present and economically absent from the children’s lives. The children left behind are cared for by the father or other family members. Most of the interviewed mother’s intimacy to the children across borders expressed through regular communication, WhatsApp, Facebook, celebrating birthdays, remittances, telephone calls, sharing picture, sending goods, voice messages and watch their children grow virtual and these separation drag on for years for several commitment only the latest technology stay them connected everyday. My method of working with consists of meeting people, conversation and quiet observation are the foundation of working process and portraits are often created only after several visits.