PhotographerMaciej Cieslak
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWarsaw, Poland
Photo DateJULY 2017
Entry Description

Tens of thousands of Poles protested this summer in Warsaw against the national-populist government attempting to politicise the state judicial system and violate the EU state-of-law values. After weeks of protests, the right-wing President was forced to veto the anti-democratic and anti-constitutional bills. The ruling party had to go back for the first time since elections in 2015. There is a chance for social dialogue. (July 2017)

About Photographer

I am a photographer by passion, by education - Phd in nuclear physics, by profession - a financier. My practice is based on photography as a means of storytelling - I am interested in documentation, reportage and art photography with my main focus to portray people. In 2010 I graduated from a photography study of the Association of Polish Art Photographers and became its member. I had several individual exhibitions in galleries in Poland. I was awarded in the National Geographic 2010 competition.