Réalités, Venise

PhotographerJérémy Rasse
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPelissanne, France
Photo Date03/2017
Technical InfoCMOS Medium format
Entry Description

Projecting a mysterious and intimate world "Realités" is a series of photographic experiments whose purpose is to lead the viewer into the escape, calm and questioning using visual anchors. An invitation to travel in a peaceful and timeless windows.   I try to seize this moment of absence or void that could be defined by the temporary interruption of consciousness. This gives the feeling that time has stopped. Technically, each image area is gradually molded to obtain a homogeneous result while maintaining a certain level of contrast. This treatment aims to make the less obvious notion of reality.   Such a projection into the past, black and white represents the memory and history. The homogeneity and the absence of human activity does not divert attention, you are only a spectator. Such a moment of meditation, light halos raise concentration.   Thus the series is called "Réalités" (realities) because it allows viewers to rediscover buried realities.

About Photographer

photographer for over 10 years and artistic director for 5 years, I have worked in different areas of photography such as fashion, reportage or retouching. These experiences have helped me to better understand and express my photographic approach while strengthening my technical knowledge.   Since 2010 I work on a personal project named Realities playing with visual anchors to create surreal images through cityscapes. My work is currently composed of photographs of Venice, Aix en Provence, Paris, Kamakura or Kyoto.