Wickedly Pure

CompanyBethAnne Lutz Photographic Art
PhotographerBethAnne Lutz
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

1. Wildflower Storm 2. On The Edge Of Wicked In everything pure, evil will tantalize and in everything wicked, good will vitalize. Each is an acrylic facemount framed in an LED Lightbox illuminated from behind to accentuate depth, color and light.

About Photographer

BethAnne Lutz has been published on websites such as 1x, ArtFreeLife, and represented with 2 images in the LensCulture competition gallery of Earth Awards 2015. She was awarded Honorable Mention for her Enlightenment series at the IPA - International Photography Awards 2016. Lutz's Illumination series is featured in the LensCulture Network Gallery 2017. It is a seemingly endless tract of lights, malls, housing developments, and highways that stretch from Washington DC to Philly to NYC to Boston. Yet even amidst the sprawl of one of the busiest, most developed areas on the planet, there remains areas of natural beauty and solitude. Lutz's Pennsylvania home is 40 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of NYC in the Unami Creek Valley. She photographs the natural surroundings of the area and then brings those images to the screen to paint dreamlike moods and surreal atmospheres.