Paris from the Rooftops 2

PhotographerJanice Alamanou
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCoastal Photography
City/CountryWells next the Sea, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Photo Date08/04/2017
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5DS
Entry Description

Paris from the Rooftops 2. A panoramic view capturing this beautiful city at night, beginning with the Eiffel Tower, the Eye and the rooftops of the Louvre spanning the city's architecture. Created to see Paris in a new way.

About Photographer

Janice Alamanou specialising in Fine Art - nudes and amalgamations, Coastal Landscape and Seascape Photography and Portraiture - Norfolk, UK, Europe and Internationally. Creator of the 1st photograph with 24ct gold hand gilded, Title: 'Gold Leaf' and the 1st with 24ct gold and palladium, Title: 'The Firefly'. Janice's bespoke gallery is situated in her home town in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk but she exhibits internationally including a solo exhibition in New York, her artwork in residency in Rome and one piece chosen as a permanent museum piece in South Korea.