I got something that will never die

PhotographerAlexander Shmelkov
Prize2nd Place in People / Lifestyle
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo DateMarch-May 2017
Entry Description

This project is a visual study of rockabilly subculture. It’s a strange phenomenon for Russia today. How come that this American culture survived in the country even though its heydays have gone long ago? Rockabilly reached its acme amid Perestroika in the USSR. Since then the music scene and preferences of Russians went way ahead of music of 50’s. Nowadays, it’s a hermetic community which rarely comes to light. It may even seem that they are gone. But if one manages to get to their world it becomes clear that they have something going on. One can be misled by the bright and distinctive look of rockabillies and mistake them for reenactors. However, the way they look is just a tribute to the roots. Devotees believe that they have something real, timeless, that has nothing to do with fashion or trends. Something that will never die.

About Photographer

I live and work as freelance photographer in Moscow. In 2016 I enrolled to photography faculty of British Higher School of Art and Design to pursue professional carreer.