NUDE as a way to boost self-esteem

PhotographerMARIA ZHI
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo Date2017
Technical Infonikon d800
Entry Description

There are a lot of girls who are working as nude models by occasion. They have full-time job outside photo industry but they love modeling. I found six girls and asked them why this work is interesting for them. To summarize all the answers are about that this is the way to boost self-esteem. O. works as a representative of a tobacco company. She started to work as nude model because she had big complexes about her appearance. К. is a programmer. Works in the office and at home. She wanted to see herself from the side, through the eyes of the photographer. N. is a project-manager and a witch. She searches photographer who would see not only the tattoo on her skin, but her appearance behind the tattoo. S. working in a library. Said that forgot the answer for this question many years ago. L. is a singer. Likes the culture of human body.