PhotographerAbbey Bratcher
Prize2nd Place in Nature / Wildlife
City/CountryCollerville, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical InfoDigital Photograph
Entry Description

"Ambassadors" is an ongoing project since 2016. Working with zoos and their keepers to create these portraits, "Ambassadors" aims to unveil the unique characteristics of a variety of threatened species. Through post processing techniques the animals are removed from their zoological environment, focusing on the light, shadow, and texture of each species. The remarkable details are exposed in a dramatic natural light as these ambassadors claim their independence existence, giving the viewer the ability to experience each species as its own entity. Each portrait is an individual voice for that species. "Ambassadors" goal is to inspire and inform others about the importance of protecting wildlife. With habitat loss and poaching acting as major threats to many animals this project asks the viewer to engage in a deeply personal conversation with these amazing creatures about their unforseen future and survival.