Birds from falconers

PhotographerAloisi Gioia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymilan, Italy
Photo Date13/4/2017
Entry Description

I was trying to photograph these birds for a long time, but I could never find time to go to a falconry training center. Suddenly as I was doing a photo shoot in Milan, behind a theater, a group of falconers was testing with these wonderful birds

About Photographer

Gioia Maria Aloisi was born inTuscany, her lives in Milan. Diplomated in Carrara at the Academy of Fine Arts.Her work as a graphic artist began in the early '80s, where she's interested in other forms of art coniugating them to create ecleptic projects .She won the first prize for a poster on peace: "UNESCO twice 20 years" Photo / Graphics G. Aloisi-Paris 1986. The best 100 Italian photographers in the ZOOM Image Bank 1995.Her images were selected in numerous photography competitions. She has also invited to exhibit her pictures in the Fourth Biennial of photography in Berlin 2017 Italy palace