A new wound everyday

PhotographerWilliam Ye
Prize1st Place in Fine Art / Nudes
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo DateDecember 2016
Entry Description

Have you ever felt trapped in a maze, slowly falling apart? Taken inspiration from the movie Triangle, the idea of Samsara from Buddhism, as well as many paintings depicting wars, I created this image that depicted the daily struggle many of us had and the psychology toll it took on us. I used the head bandage as a symbolism for mental health issues, and the naked body to reflect that such issues were deeply personal and many people felt ashamed talking about them. A very small hint of homoeroticism was added to the image to make a personal connection, as my personal struggle rooted mostly in my sexuality.

About Photographer

I am currently enrolled in University of Toronto working on post-graduate studies. I am passionate about photography as a medium for art creation.