Night in Cherry Red

PhotographerKazunori Nagashima
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryYokohama, Japan
Photo Date22/oct/2016
Entry Description

Recognition of the self and others, this is the theme of my work. Our daily life is full of contrasts. Every difference makes us, and we like them to be balanced somehow. It seems to be in harmony in the world, but tricks can be found everywhere. A man and woman appear in an unusually red atmosphere in this story. They hardly look at each other. In fact, they are incapable of looking at each other. They are also unable leave each other. Particular love does not seem to intervene between them. The two do not know why they are together. The characters in this story are embodying those who cannot look directly at themselves. The two characters are in fact the very same person in this story.

About Photographer

Born in Yokohama, Japan, 1971. Turned to a professional photographer in 2004 after being a scene carpenter at Kabuki-za theater. Participated Yokohama Portfolio Review in 2010. Presented "Binding Image" : in Amsterdam, 2014, "G Book Show" in Brighton England, 2014. International Photography Award 2016, 2nd place in Fine Art - Other. Graphis Photography Annual 2016, Gold prize. International Photography Award, Honorable Mention, 2009-2016. PX3, Honorable Mention, 2015-2017. Tokyo International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention, 2016.