The Rolls of Dice

PhotographerKazunori Nagashima
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryYokohama, Japan
Photo Date14/May/2017
Entry Description

In this project, two people who are trying to make the best out of their lives reunite. They are very much aware of each other’s presence. The bravado of trying to hide their anxiety is like looking at their own reflections in the mirror. Although they can not go back to their days of innocence, they find relief in the similarity of their present being. Sympathy is merely a drug that feeds your despair and anxiety. It can not be the cure nor inspire you to better yourself. They can not even begin to throw the dice or roll with the number that is revealed to them. There only exists an energy of insane madness, so vast that it is unstoppable. This project portrays the force and the vanity of the the unwithering energy that has lost its place.

About Photographer

Born in Yokohama, Japan, 1971. Turned to a professional photographer in 2004 after being a scene carpenter at Kabuki-za theater. Participated Yokohama Portfolio Review in 2010. Presented "Binding Image" : in Amsterdam, 2014, "G Book Show" in Brighton England, 2014. International Photography Award 2016, 2nd place in Fine Art - Other. Graphis Photography Annual 2016, Gold prize. International Photography Award, Honorable Mention, 2009-2016. PX3, Honorable Mention, 2015-2017. Tokyo International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention, 2016.