PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVyshneve, Ukraine
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoLe Plat Pays
Entry Description

This book ''Le Plat Pays'' presents a photographic project reflects an idea of photography universalism. My goal is that any person, who sees my picture, regardless of nationality, gets a feeling of looking at the seascape familiar since childhood. This reverent feeling of the magnetic sea view, coming from the common to all mankind past. I want to recreate the kind of archetype, universal and close to all, akin to nostalgia or «déjà vu». The horizon line symbolizes both the end point to where a person is able to come and the start of a new path. The line crossing the real image and the feeling of a dream is almost imperceptible like a scene out of the common past. Technical details: Printed by NU ART, Kyiv, Ukraine. Edition of: 500, 80 pages, 39 photographs, size: 30x24 cm, paper: arctic volume white 150 ISBN: 978-966-97627-1-9

About Photographer

Dimitri Bogachuk is a professional photographer, art critic and art historian who lives and works in Vyshneve, Kyiv region, a graduate of the National Academy of Culture and Art. Dimitri is already acclaimed by critics as a promising young author with work primarily dedicated to landscape photography. The author’s style is distinguished by the combination of concise manner and soft atmospheric colors, bringing the viewer a special contemplative mood. The photographer works with the territory of universal memories that belong to everyone and no one. The silence Dimitri Bogachuk is able to capture in his works can be actually heard. Auroral stillness of the sea or winter landscape in his photographs seems like an episode of a forgotten past or a dream. The main character if his works is the space. Soft pastel spectrum fills his photographs with air, making them nearly weightless. The objects dissolved in haze or snow dust – a fisherman’s boat, trunks of trees or skyscrapers – are merely needed for the viewer to feel the infinite depth of the landscape. Genetically, his technique comes close to the Chinese painting. During the few years of his active career Dimitri took part in several noticeable collective exhibitions, his works were presented in Paris, Kyiv and Moscow. In 2011 Dimitri Bogachuk won a conceptual landscape photography contest in Artlimited project, France. In 2013 he reached the finals of Grant Uart contest in Paris.