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    Le Plat Pays

This book ''Le Plat Pays'' presents a photographic project reflects an idea of photography universalism. My goal is that any person, who sees my picture, regardless of nationality, gets a feeling of looking at the seascape familiar since childhood. This reverent feeling of the magnetic sea view, coming from the common to all mankind past. I want to recreate the kind of archetype, universal and close to all, akin to nostalgia or «déjà vu». The horizon line symbolizes both the end point to where a person is able to come and the start of a new path. The line crossing the real image and the feeling of a dream is almost imperceptible like a scene out of the common past. Technical details: Printed by NU ART, Kyiv, Ukraine. Edition of: 500, 80 pages, 39 photographs, size: 30x24 cm, paper: arctic volume white 150 ISBN: 978-966-97627-1-9

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