Painted Ladies

PhotographerAlissa Rosenberg
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCommack, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical Infonikon d750
Entry Description

The Painted Ladies are a fully conceptual, photographically based, digital art collection. Painted Ladies explores classic figurative impressionism as applied to a modern location and use of modern day photography and mixed media digital collage. The artwork is processed not to represent a literal reality, but instead to ignite the imagination where classic and contemporary collide. These images center on the representation of timeless female beauty while capturing the simultaneous occurrence of the simplicity and complexity of a single moment conveyed by the use of natural light, minimal setting and often times whimsical motion.

About Photographer

Alissa Rosenberg a self taught, award winning landscape and creative photographer from New York with a passion for waterdrops, the outdoors, portraits and music photography. Her photographs have been published in numerous publications and have also been used in a national advertising campaign. Alissa's photographs have been displayed and won awards in Juried Gallery Shows in New York City, Long Island and Maine. Her main focus is on creating images that tell a story and impact the viewer.